A world immune to cyber attacks


CYBERCRYPT is the world’s leading system provider in robust cryptography. We establish and innovate the foundations of cyber security with advanced cryptographic solutions.

Founded by expert cryptographers, CYBERCRYPT makes decades of extensive experience in cyber security and cryptography from all over the world available to corporations and governments. Our team of the world’s leading experts constantly strives to provide best cost-effective security solutions to our customers.

We focus on reducing the cyber risk associated with current and future threats. Our unique and reliable process offers customers cyber immunity made to measure. We accompany your organization on the journey to security maturity, providing full support, from the design of security architecture to implementation of the world’s most advanced cryptographic algorithms and deployment.

In short, we help customers defend and safeguard critical data and assets against cyber attacks.


…a world immune to cyber attacks…

Our vision is a world with strong cryptographic protection in every device and digital security even if the computing base is untrusted. Cryptography is the cornerstone of today’s cybersecurity. Secure cryptography is unthinkable without keeping keys secret. Yet this very premise is endangered by malware, trojans, and critical vulnerabilities as software, hardware and  their supply chains become more complex. This new challenge calls for novel technologies.

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Andrey-square-e1558111550811 Company

Dr. Andrey Bogdanov


BoD Member

PJ-square-e1558113328370 Company

Peter Jerry Sørensen

Chief Operating Officer


Elmar-square-e1558113339181 Company

Dr. Elmar Tischhauser

Chief Cryptographer

anri-new-e1564393229828 Company

Anri Muço

Project Manager

emil-new-e1567672784487 Company

Emil Müller

Software Development

sergej-pic-1-e1564393218239 Company

Sergej Roswall Bogachov

Cloud Security Development

Louis-square-e1558113375384 Company

Louis Reinholdt

Business Development

Asia Pacific

Morten-Stilling-square-e1558113397559 Company

Morten Stilling

Business Development

Northern Europe – Energy

Ulrik-square-e1558113364209 Company

Ulrik Ledertoug

Business Development

Northern Europe – Cloud

Philip-square-e1558113387842 Company

Philip Graff

BoD Member

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