Cyber immunity for energy infrastructures

Distribution Grids - Wind Turbines - Mobile Customer Apps

Energy & Power Plants

Cyber immunity for transportation

Ships – Busses – Trucks & Cars


Cyber immunity for fintech

Blockchain - Cryptocurrencies - Banking Apps

Fintech & Blockchain

Cyber immunity for healthcare

Medical Devices - Records - Mobile Apps


wind-turbines-300x298 Industries

Defense in Depth for Utility, Power, and Energy Infrastructures

Electricity, gas, and water infrastructures; wind, solar plants and their distribution grids: they all are vulnerable to cyber attacks. We help protect them against cyber attacks with our unique process, resulting in comprehensive security architectures providing defense in depth.

ntu-autonomous-bus-1-300x300 Industries

Securing Shipping, Transport, and Autonomous Vehicles

Securing shipping vessels, autonomous cars, trucks and busses is of the utmost importance. We have years of extensive experience protecting the software and hardware controlling ships and autonomous vehicles with strong cryptography.

square-credit-card-whitestroke-1-300x300 Industries

Protecting Fintech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Banking

Blockchain platforms can only provide trust if they are based on state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms with strong security guarantees also against future threats. Mobile banking applications and cloud-based trading platforms access and authorize financial transactions while running in hostile environments.

We have extensive experience in designing strong cryptography for blockchain and cryptocurrency application. We minimize cybersecurity risks both in client and server banking software.

hearing-aid-4-300x300 Industries

Cyber Immunity for Healthcare, Medical Devices and Patient Data

Interconnected medical devices can put the lives of patients in jeopardy if controlled by unauthorized individuals. Medical records containing sensitive personal data need to be generated, processed and archived in a secure way, especially also to comply with data protection legislation.

Our unique process results in defense-in-depth security architectures for medical applications, thus protecting them against cyber attacks.

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