CYBERCRYPT at the Cyber Threats & Breach Prevention Summit 2021

August 05, 2021

Our Director of Software Engineering Frederik Gottlieb will be giving a talk on how to apply the principle of application-layer encryption in zero-trust architectures at the Cyber Threats & Breach Prevention Summit 2021.

Designing zero-trust architectures requires that you build security controls for each component of the architecture i.e. data storage, IAM, networking and application / API, just to mention a few.

As we shift our focus to applications, security controls need to move closer to the application level. The traditional security controls implemented at the management plane like least-privilege and access patterns, coupled with IDS an other peripheral controls at the network plane, do not ensure any protection of the application data.

Here’s where application-layer encryption adds an extra layer of security to the whole architecture: implemented at the key plane/data plane, encrypting data within the application protects the data and metadata even in the case that malicious actors have procured the encryption keys for the data in transit or at rest. Based on this, we introduce CYBERCRYPT D1, our cloud-native encryption service that offers zero-trust cryptography controls for your cloud-native applications.


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