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Making the digital ecosystem cyber immune

Every thing is connected.

Mobile devices, IoT devices, Mobile Apps, PCs, Cars, Windmills, Drones, other Therefore everything is at risk of being attacked and tampered with.

Communications links: Wi-Fi, Mobile and Fixed

Critical infrastructure, Servers and Backends, Websites, eShops, Data from central sources, personal, health, legal, banks, tax, utilities and others.

Whitebox cryptography: Immunity to key extraction

cybercrypt’s whitebox technology protects security functionality against key extraction in untrusted software environments exposed to malware and tampering. Its core features include encryption, authentication, and key management. Developed with Sony Corporation. Patents pending.Whitebox technology

cybercrypt’s security solutions

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Software-only whitebox encryption and authentication

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Protection against malware, Trojans, zero-day vulnerabilities

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Science-backed security arguments and guarantees

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Available on any platform through a simple API

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High efficiency to minimize performance overhead

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Key management, software updates, content protection

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